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Astronomy at Domaine de la Hamberie

On the north of the complex is a field with pristine darkness and terrific sky coverage (at least 170 degrees east-west and almost 180 degrees north-south)- see the quick slide show below to see the field in daylight.

This year the Leonids meteor shower promises to be a wonderful show. The peak will be Nov 17-18. With this in mind we're offering a discount to all Astronomy clubs for stays at the Hamberie in the week of Nov 12th-19th.

Discount deals for Astronomy Clubs

September, October, November and December provide dark skies and routniely good weather with September and October being particularly consistent. Check out our Average Annual Weather guide for a little more information.

The Geminids peaks around December 13-14, this year it will be partly impacted by the moon (full on the 10th) but as usual will be an awesome display of multicoloured meteors. 

The 10th also sees a total lunar eclipse. 
Both weeks see waning moons which should lead to glorious viewing in the early hours after sunset.

Sunset is slightly later in Normandy than in the UK, but that just gives you a little more time to enjoy the culinary and cultural wonders of the region. On the other hand the chances of clear skies are that much greater in Normandy.

As we can offer accommodation for up to 54 people, we are able to offer specially discounted prices for large groups. Please contact us here with your requirements and we can provide you with a specially customised offer.