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Terms and Conditions for bringing pets to Domaine de la Hamberie:

- Only one pet is allowed per rental.

- The animal must be reported when booking and when you arrive at the location.

Health conditions:

Only  vaccinated animals are accepted:
For dogs, rabies, babesiosis, distemper, hepatitis, typhus.
For cats, rabies, coryza, typhus, leukemia, FIV.

You reservation can only be confirmed reservation with an attached certificate from the veterinarian stating the breed of the animal (category for dogs) confirming that it is up to date  with the vaccinations requested above.

Dangerous Dogs Category 1 and 2 and the "NAC" (rodents, carnivores, reptiles, birds, insects, etc ...) are not allowed.
- The vaccination must be presented upon request.
- The animal must be identifiable, either by tattoo or electronic chip.
- Pets are not allowed in bedrooms.
- Dogs must be leashed and not to walk alone on the site
- Your pets should not be left alone in the property and not be left in the gardens.
- It is mandatory that your pet is treated for fleas and ticks before your arrival. A receipt is required on arrival (veterinary certificate or invoice).
- Failure to comply with these conditions cancels the reservation and no refund will be made.
- You must clean your pet's droppings every day.

Additional Booking conditions:

Additional returnable deposit of 100€. This is returnable on completion of satisfactory inspection.

Supplement cost for pets: € 50 1st night + 20 € / night extra (upto a maximum of € 170)