Castles and Historic Buildings

Normandy has been described as a living museum, with history and stories around every corner. There are many historic and beautiful buildings and structures in the area but we are highlighting 4 of them here - Falaise Castle, Caen Castle, Mont-St-Michel & Chateau Gaillard.

Falaise Castle - Home of William the Conqueror
We are five minutes from the town of Falaise, the birth place of William the Conqueror. 

His castle still dominates the Falaise skyline. 
See this video

The visitors experience has just had a major renovation and you can now experience a wonderful blend of 12th Century history with 21st Century technology. 
Falaise Castle
Falaise Castle   

The Chateau de Caen was built in 1060 by William the Conqueror. Visit the Wikipedia article here.  

It is in the heart of the city. This is a good link for information about the castle. Further information about the castle and the many other things to see in Caen can be seen here.

The map shows the castle is about 30 minutes away from Domaine de la Hamberie 
Caen Castle
Caen Castle   

This ancient abbey is one of the most popular places in France for visitors. 

The map shows the quickest route to from Domaine de la Hamberie - about 1 hr 45mins.

There are dozens of places to have lunch or an evening meal to provide sustenance as you walk up or come back down! 
Mont St Michel

This medieval castle was constructed in 1196 under Richard the Lionhearts rule.

It lies above the commune of Les Andelys in Upper Normandy.

The story of the castle can be read here, and a video of the castle has been made here.

During the summer season medieval reenactments and activities are carried out around the castle.