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Holiday examples for groups of people

Domaine de la Hamberie is a great place to relax and unwind but Normandy has some fantastic, thought-provoking and unusual sites that really can't be missed.

The aim of the following pages is to give you a taste of the types of things you can do in this area no matter what kind of group you are, from a small young family, through to  World War 2 enthusiasts looking for a more detailed tour of the area.

No group is exclusive so have a look at the other examples and see if there's something that might appeal to you.

Young Family - This includes the local theme park and trips to the beach

Large Family - This suggests a variety of activities that a large family could enjoy.

Family with a disabled member - Sometimes it can be difficult to choose venues when you have to consider access with a wheelchair, so we try and offer some of the venues our previous guests have recommended.

D-Day - This is suggested tour of the area that takes in all the major places of interest during the Battle of Normandy and some of the more local ones. 

Schools Groups - We have opened our doors to school groups. A group from Stockport regularly visit us in March to take children around the local historic sights all the while enjoying a truly French experience. Please contact us for more information.

Arts and Crafts - There's so much to see in the area we've been able to dedicate a page to the arts and crafts exhibitions and venues. We have taken the advice and experience of fellow travellers as well as our own experience to create an interesting list.

Castles - There are several castles and other large public buildings in Normandy

Sports and Leisure activities - This is a page which highlights the sporty venues and activities available in Normandy.

Gastronomy - Normandy is famous for Cheese and Cider but it also has chocolate and calvados. This page offers venues in the local area.

Fishing - It's recognised as one of the best areas for Trout and Salmon fishing. Seas fishing is also available.

We hope to increase and add to these pages as we find and confirm more venues and places of interest