School Trip

With over 40 years of experience in the teaching profession and more than 25 years experience here at Domaine de la Hamberie we are confident we can offer something for every school or college and over a broad spectrum of the curriculum. Below is a suggested tour based on a previous school visit. It only suggests a few of the things on offer in the area such as Falaise Castle or Pegasus Bridge and longer stays might like to include things like the local leisure pool or even Festyland.

The Memorial Centre in Caen is such a large venue and hugely important that it really requires a full day to visit. Here is a link to the educational resources available there.

Monday Catch the ferry from Portsmouth in the early afternoon to arrive at Domaine de la Hamberie in the evening to be met by the owners.

Tuesday Breakfast followed by a walk to the local bakery to buy baguettes for the packed lunches. 
In the morning a trip to the Bayeux Tapestry is followed by lunch in Bayeux, then a visit to the Bayeux War Museum and British Cemetery.
The evening meal at Duc de Normandie in Falaise. 

Wednesday After breakfast and the lunch was made, the coach set off to Mont-St-Michel, and after lunch straight to Alligator Bay to see the reptiles
Evening meal at Gars de Falaise.

Thursday Breakfast was followed by a bit of tidy up. No bread today as lunch was at a creperie in Falaise.
The morning trip was to the war memorial beaches and tried to see as many famous elements as possible including Pegasus Bridge Museum.
Lunch was in Falaise, and then followed by a trip to the Castle in Falaise, the home of William the Conqueror. See the Schools Resources here
In the evening the gites were tidied up and cleaned
Evening meal from Dominute Pizza in Falaise.  

Friday Catch the 08:00 ferry back to England from Caen. 

The map shows all the venues mentioned and a few extra ones..