Walks around and near Domaine de la Hamberie

Welcome to our recommended walks. We hope to continue to add to this section of our webpage as we get the opportunity to test out walks for our guests.
To date we have two walks recorded. Click on the walk of your choice for descriptions.

Walk 1:    St-Lambert-sur-Dive - The Corridor of Death
Walk 2:    Perthville Ners  -  A local walk starting from and finishing at Domaine de la Hamberie

Walk 1: St-Lambert-sur-Dive

A quite easy walk with no difficult climbs or scrambles, passing through mainly arable land and horse rearing country. 

This gentle countryside still yields, from time to time, the evidence of the historic and horrific events which took place here in August 1944. 

The retreating German Army had been forced into a narrow corridor leading to the River Dives at St Lambert sur Dives. The church tower was the vantage point from which the German General Meindl directed the retreat. The two main parallel pathways which make up the majority of this walk were the major escape routes taken by thousands of German soldiers. There were only two posssible crossing points over the River Dives, the Bridge at St Lambert and the Ford (or Gue) at Moisey. For about 3 days in August 1944 these crossing points, and the pathways leading to and from them, were the target of the Allied air forces and the massed artillery of the Americans to their right, the Canadians to their left and the British harrying them from the rear and squeezing the remnants of the German Army through this bottleneck only to be confronted by the Polish who lay in wait for them on the high ground in front of them. 

Such was the resulting carnage that these idyllic pathways became known for all time as “The Corridor of Death”.

The map below shows the route of the walk, in blue, as well as the driving directions, in pink, to the starting point from Domaine de la Hamberie. If you click on either line you'll get more details about how far the drive and the walk are.

Where you see the image of a purple camera, we have taken a photo of that particular part of the walk and you can view it by clicking on the small camera