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Google Map User Instructions

                As not everyone is familiar with these maps we've added this page to give some instructions in how to use the maps we use within this site.
 When you move your mouse over the map, the mouse pointer changes to this open hand
If you double click the left mouse button when this pointer is in view, you will zoom in to the point you are hovering over, and if you double click the right mouse button, the map will zoom out. 
Alternatively you can use the scroll wheel or the zoom bar on the left of the map.

 To pan left or right, or up or down, hold the the left mouse button down and ove the mouse the direction you wish to pan. The mouse pointer should change to  this grabbed icon, and it is as though you are dragging the map around. To stop, let go of the left mouse button. 
Alternatively you can pan with the round directional indicators in the top left hand corner of the map.
When the pointer changes to this pointing finger, it means that there is some extra information. This happens when you hover over an icon. If you click the left mouse button when this appear, a dialogue box will open with the extra information about the place you are hovering over.

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