We are the McGrother family and we live at Domaine de la Hamberie. 

Robin is the site manager and with the help of his wife, Melanie, his mother Caroline and several other family members and friends, they work hard to make sure that the customers who come to Domaine de la  Hamberie have a wonderful time and leave with treasured memories .

The family have owned the farm since 1989, originally with partners but since 2008 it has been entirely family owned. With three generations of family helping to run the gites, there are plenty of ideas and energy, which is fortunate because there's always plenty to do. 

My 2 amazing daughters and our beautiful little dog Stella here 'helping' with some administration in the office, and Ben - the newest member of the team

Our extended family also includes several close friends who regularly visit to lend a hand. 

There is also a menagery of animals too. The farm boasts four cats. Doushka & Bonbon are the mousers, while Salem and Garfield just lie around looking pretty.

Stella is the elder statesmen of the dogs, and she's from the North of England to boot. The Swiss White Shepherds are Dawn, Monk and their daughter Hasta. 

There's also a group of Guinea Pigs and Rabbits waiting for your spare vegetables.

Over the coming days, there will be photo's added to this page.