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Events throughout Normandy  - Normandy has several events regularly throughout the year, as well as one-off specials

Area Reviews - This section focusses on articles in the press reviewing Normandy and why it's such a special place to visit.

New Links

The Radio Tmes produced a lovely article about discovering Normandy. Click here

Amazing find in Caen from World War 2 - German Bunker under the street.

It's the 950th anniversary of  the Battle of Hastings - Falaise is celebrating William the Conqueror

The Norman Abbeys have tours, events, kids entertainments and more - see the website with calender events for 2016.

Travel inspirations from Le Tour de France

The 2016 Tour de France will be kicking off from Normandy.

Caen - the often overlooked city in Normandy.

Tour de France 2015 - Stage 7 - July 10th 2015 starts at Livarot

Why you should visit the British and Canadian D-Day landing beaches

It is safe for pigs in Falaise but it wasn't always thus - read more.

Dark clouds over Chambois

Delectable Normandy is the place to eat and eat..

Rives Valley in Normandy - remembering Hitler's worst day.

Dolphins in Normandy too

Rouen is a great day out - see this photo tour.

Direct Flights now link Normandy to UK

Calvados, Normandy

Family holidays in Normandy

Le Rosbif Writes: exploring Normandy's D-Day beaches and cemeteries is a deeply moving experience

Army Padre who tended to wounded British troops as they fought their way out from the Normandy beachhead on D-day

4,000 new headstones for fallen of D-Day

A run-down of the best apps for commemorating the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy

Fantastic App - free to download - allows you to experience the site where the U.S. Army Rangers scaled the 100 feet cliffs of Pointe du Hoc.

Who put secret D-Day clues in the 'Telegraph’ crossword?

Chateau de Falaise : William the Conqueror's Normandy Castle

History repeats itself – relive D-Day in Normandy

Jumièges near Rouen is one of the most ancient and important monasteries in the Western world,

Normandy Tourism has some really interesting resources for interested groups

D-Day Overlord website has a calendar of events throughout the year

D-Day travel guide from the Telegraph suggests the best way to visit the key venues.

The BBC D-Day broadcast will be lead by Chris Evans on Radio 2

New Air Route Between Normandy and London announced

Memories of one of the bloodiest battles of World War 2.

WW2 troop transport plane to return to Normandy

A US solider mistakenly buried as German soldier is returned home 70 years later - read the article here.

Normandy Then and Now is a fantastic website with lots of information and history about this area

Juno Beach Centre launches tribute campaign.

This is a great article extolling the town of Bayeux and its remarkable Tapestry.  

Vernon Coaker campaigns for London tribute for 70th Anniversary of D-Day

"Fishing on foot" in the first Spring tides here in Normandy

Andrew Sanger has this guide to cycling the D-Day Beaches of Normandy.

Cycling in Normandy is a great way to see the sights and  it's easier than ever with the new green ways.

This is a wonderful video animation of the Bayeux Tapestry.

Juno Beach is having rehabilitation work done on the German Command Post Bunker.

Ever wondered what makes Normandy beef so very tasty - here  is the secret!

Amazing obituary of Major General Logan Scott.  - well worth a read.

France to host US WW2 Veterans on Normandy Beaches.

Renovations at Mont-St-Michel are due to be completed in 2015 - see this amazing video.

Trips by Lance - Independent travel experience covers the American D-Day beaches

Monet's The Cliff, Etretat, Sunset, painted in Normandy reveals it's secrets.

1000 years of Cross channel relations currently being celebrated in Rouen 

D-Day Normandy 1944 - a video to be screened on giant  3D screens soon

Worldwide recognition for the problems facing the Mulberry Harbours at Arromanches.

Fishing is hugely popular in this area - this trailer features a special fly-fisher revisiting a moment from his past. Read the article here and here..

Warplane to return to Normandy for D-Day celebrations.

A great article about history in Normandy: 1066 to D-Day and beyond.

The Washington Times has a series of articles based on visiting Normandy and Calvados.

A new photographic database website called Fallen Heroes of Normandy has been made available to the public

The top 12 venues to visit in Normandy

Rouen - the Jewel in Normandy

East of Rouen and off the beaten track, Normandy has lots of hidden treasures

Visit the second most popular tourist site in France

The Normandy coast line photographed in panorama just prior to the D-Day invasion.

Normandy has so much to offer - visit here for a great review of the area.

Peter Comfort, the last surviving member of a Sherman Tank assigned Regiment meets some actor.

The last black Canadian D-Day veteran passes away.

Tribute to 1944 soldiers with sand art project "The Fallen"  is a the sunshine of Normandy.

Memories of D-Day veterans are preserved by the National Veterans Association

Normandy plays a significant role to many literary giants.

D-Day beacon landing beacon discovered at Church Fete.

The toll company in France has introduced a new way to pay to help reduce the queues - visit here for more information.

Competition in this year’s European Horse-ball Championships starts on Tuesday, with teams in three categories taking to the field in Saint-Lo in Normandy, France. Read more here.


This is the new essential iPhone app for visiting the Normandy invasion beaches and the many sites of interest further inland.

Notes on Normandy from the Spectator

Veterans of The Normandy Landings tell their stories

The Cradle of French Impressionism is Normandy - read more here.

Two new Footprint Travel Guides to Normandy have just been published - visit here for more details

One of our guests has written a book about her remarkable life - get it here.

The International Impressionist Art Festival has events throughout the summer here in Normandy

Normandy Voices - A project to make sure we never forget the veterans of D-Day - click here for more details.

Mont St Michel is being restored to the sea with a new causeway that allows the tides to flow around the island.

10 Mouth Watering Food Festivals in Normandy and for all cider drinkers in Normandy try this via Things to do

The Peace Museum in Caen - The Memorial -  has just released this great video.

In the first of three parts, Jonathan Ball embarks upon a Battlefield Tour of Normandy.

One of the events nearby Rouen is famous for is the burning at the stake of Joan of Arc, but this article describes the other interesting features of the city . 

Events throughout Normandy

The Falaise website has the most up to date information about events in Falaise.

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Area Reviews

A lovely review of the Normandy area by travel writer Natasha von Geldern.

Check out this great guide for child friendly entertainment throughout the area.

Travel writer and photographer Greg Ward has covered Brittany and Normandy for the Rough Guides since 1986 and has written travel guides for many other publishers Read one here.

Beautiful virtual tours available for the main Normandy attractions

Readers Tips from the Guardian explain why Normandy is a great venue.

An overlooked corner of France as described in this article from the Evening Standard.

Exploring Normandy - a wonderful article here in the Daily Mail describing all the reasons to visit this amazing area.

Monet's Gardens gets a great write up here - and it's a great venue for a day trip from Domaine de la Hamberie.

This article from The Guardian reports on why France is at the centre of War Tourism.

Article from the Independent Newspaper about why Normandy is a great holiday choice right now.

This is a really useful link about Deuville racecourse - a great day out for the whole family.

A great review of Normandy as a family holiday destination.

The Gardens of Brecy reviewed in France Today

Here is a list of blogs about France and Normandy.

Normandy Travel Guide – Telegraph, 26 July 2012. Travel writer and Normandy expert Greg Ward recommends restaurants, hotels, beaches and more.

Where to travel on holiday in 2012 – Telegraph, 30 December 2011. Normandy comes first on the Telegraph’s list of places to visit in 2012. 

Honfleur, France: a cultural guide – Telegraph, 15 November 2011. An inside track on the museums and hotels of Honfleur – and what to avoid.

Visiting France’s Côte Fleurie –, 8 August 2010. Accurate piece on the “quiet glamor” of the Côte Fleurie, from Deauville (“a Gallic answer to East Hampton”) with its American film festival and wide sandy beaches, to the charming restaurants of Honfleur, the area’s artistic history as home to the Impressionists, and its celebrity residents, casinos and racing. Cassis sorbet in Deauville is the best I’ve ever tasted.

Normandy: La France profonde – The Sunday Times, 13 August 2006. Stephen Clarke waxes lyrical about the classical gardens, abbeys and appley alcohol of the Seine valley.

France holidays: Normandy vs Brittany – Telegraph, 27 June 2011. I don’t agree with Anthony Peregrine’s conclusion: Normandy beats Brittany every time in my book. Still, a useful article for its coverage of beaches, history, landscape and food & drink.

Gardens to Visit in Normandy (Orne & Eure), 16 August 2010. Nice blog post listing the best gardens to visit in south-east Normandy.

Dispatch | On the Normandy Coast –, 27 July 2010. Etretat is a wonderful day trip. Stoney beach, brisk walks, cliffs memorialised by Monet.

Eurofile | The Paris Plage. The New York Times neatly deconstructs the social signals and relative merits of Le Touquet and Deauville.

Guide2Normandy covers everything you could want to know about Normandy and more, including local news, events, property, restaurants, holidays. There’s an excellent community forums that digs into specialist subjects from birding to Normandy recipes to entrepreneurs. Operated by an ex-lawyer who worked in Paris and now lives in rural Normandy.