We've tried to identify all the places to eat in the local town of Falaise. This list is certainly not comprehensive but hopefully can help you plan your stay here around your gastronomic needs. Each identified venue has a phone number so you can even book in advance, which is always recommended.

Places to eat around Domaine de la Hamberie

 1: L'Attache Gourmand Restaurant 12: La Renaissance Brasserie
 2: La Fine Fourchette Gourmand Restaurant  13: Pizzeria de la Place Pizzeria / Brasserie
 3: Hotel de la Poste Restaurant 14: St Marco Pizzeria - takeway
 4: No. 7 Restaurant 15: La Licorne Creperie
 5: Le Jardin Restaurant 16: Le Conquerant Creperie
 6: Le Gars de Falaise Brasserie  17: La Rozzel Creperie
 7: Temps Libres Brasserie - takeaway 18: Dominute Pizza Takeaway Pizza
 8: L'Estaminet Brasserie 19: Le Croq'up Sandwiches 
 9: Les Ramparts Brasserie 20: Serais Gourmand Tea room & snacks
 10: La Lanterne Brasserie 21: Au on Accueil Lunchtime fixed menu
 11: Au Duc Normand Brasserie  

Local restaurants and bars near Domaine de la Hamberie