Sports & Leisure activities around Domaine de la Hamberie

This section includes tree walking, canoeing, laser-games, and soft play areas for younger children. We are constantly adding venues to our site and so we hope to add more throughout 2014. Here is a good link highlighting the outdoor activities available in Normandy.
  • AJ Hackett Normandie 
  • Treewalking
  • Canoeing
  • Laser games
  • Go-karting
  • Velo-Rail
  • Soft-play
  • Parasailing

AJ Hackett Normandie

AJ Hackett Normandie - Bungy Jumping and so much more.
AJ Hacketts is a world wide organisation that specialises in high octane, adrenaline fuelled activities, and Normandie is no exception. Watch the video for a taste of what's on offer.
This video shows the experiences on offer. AJ Hacketts is a bit less than 1 hour 20 mins away from us and a wonderful day out for all the family. Visit their site for more details.



Beauregard Aventure Sud - Tree walk and outdoor Paint Ball.
This park is only 15 minutes away from Domaine de la Hamberie and is a great venue for active families. Picnic areas in the beautiful woodland are a great place to eat before (but probably better after) a tree walking adventure or a war of paint! This venue has been regularly visited by our customers and staff and it's highly recommended. Visit the website for special deals and check out the partners for links to canoeing deals.

The beautiful swiss normandy provides breathtaking views and this tree walking adventure is set in one of the most impressive vistas in France. They also provide special deals with links to the local canoeing at Pont D'Ouilly - called PASS DUO AVENTURE - You'll need a whole day, a picnic and plenty of energy but it's a wonderful experience. Please visit their site for further deals.


You can start and finish from various points along the river - the runs are from 7-28 km. The main starting point is located at the campsite in Pont D'Ouilly.  You can call 02 31 69 86 02  to book a place - this is very advisable.
Once there, you are fitted with a life jacket and you choose the boat  you would like to  use - for the strong and experienced, the individual kayaks are good fun but for younger groups, it's best to use the two man or family boats. Our map shows the route of the canoe run.


Laser games

This is a really friendly Laser game venue in Caen. Large groups can visit or just a few people can join in with others. The rules are simple - Survive and get them, before they get you.



Near Caen, just to the east of the ring road, this Karting venue is a great day out. Visit the site for deals and the up to date news.

The above site highlights the Ouistreham circuit, but also lists the other circuits in the area including the circuit at St Pierre sur Dives nearby,


This is a great family experience on a self-drive rail truck. The beautiful country side is a fantastic backdrop too.

Soft play arenas.
In the area we have 3 great soft play venues. 

1:    KyttyParks is a new soft play centre which has opened in Argentan. It's a great place to relax while the kids run themselves ragged.

2:    Girafou is near to Ouistreham and offers a variety of bouncy structures as well as minikarts.

3:    Ouga Ouga has some amazing structures for the kids to enjoy and it's also got a McDonalds nearby for a special treat (probably best after the park).


For the real thrill seekers, Parasailing is pretty much up there - no power except the wind and a bit of material. Located at Port-en-Bessain near the coast, it's only about 50 minutes away, and those who don't feel like risking their lives can spend some time relaxing at the beach. Good luck to you!