Goulet Kitchen

Inventory for Kitchen

Drawers 1 - 4

8 Forks8 Knives8 Spoons8 Tea Spoons4 Plastic Forks,Knives,Spoons3 Serving Spoons
1 Bottle Opener1 Can Opener1 Scissors1 Whisk1 Vegetable peeler1 Garlic Crusher3 Large Knives2 Small Knives1 Fish Slice1 Masher3 Wooden Spoons1 Large Spoon1 Slotted Spoon1 Spaghetti Spoon1 Ladle 1 Spatula1 Lighter
1 Cheese Grater3 BBQ Utensils
3 Pans1 Milk Pan2 Lids2 Frying Pans

Cupboards 1 - 4

12 Cups12 Egg Cups1 Teapot1 Milk Jug1 Sugar Bowl2 Cafetieres
3 Rectangular Dishes1 Roasting Tray1 Casserole Dish & Lid1 Baking Tray1 Salad Spinner1 Colander1 Measuring Jug1 Water Jug1 Gravy Boat2 Salad/Fruit Bowls4 Plastic Plates, Bowls, Cups
1 First Aid Kit1 Box of Pegs1 Duster1 Washing up Bowl1 Drainer and tray1 Spray Cleaner1 Toilet Duck1 Bottle Floor Cleaner1 Can of Polish2 Sponges4 Cleaning Cloth2 Oven Gloves
1 Ironing Board1 Iron1 Brush1 Mop 1 Bucket1 Laundry Basket1 Dustpan & Brush1 Vacuum Cleaner

Items and Equipment

Coffee ContainerTea ContainerSugar Container4 Chopping Boards7 Cork MatsTray Metal Rack
Washing Machine
Gas Cooker
Fridge / Freezer
Vacuum Cleaner
Kitchen Bin & Recycling Box