Martin Kitchen

Inventory for Kitchen

Drawers 1 - 4

14 Forks14 Knives14 Spoons14 Tea Spoons4 Plastic Forks,Knives,Spoons3 Serving Spoons2 Serving Forks
1 Bottle Opener1 Can Opener1 Scissors1 Whisk1 Vegetable peeler1 Garlic Crusher3 Large Knives2 Small Knives1 Fish Slice1 Masher3 Wooden Spoons1 Large Spoon1 Slotted Spoon1 Spaghetti Spoon1 Ladle 
1 Cheese Grater3 BBQ Utensils
4 Pans1 Milk Pan2 Lids2 Frying Pans

Cupboards 1 - 3

1 Salad Spinner1 Colander
1 First Aid Kit1 Box of Pegs1 Duster1 Washing up Bowl1 Drainer and tray1 Spray Cleaner1 Toilet Duck1 Bottle Floor Cleaner1 Can of Polish2 Sponges4 Cleaning Cloth2 Oven Gloves
14 Glass Bowls14 Cups14 Wine Glasses14 Small Glasses14 Ribbed Glasses14 Plates14 Side Plates14 Bowls

Cupboards 4-6

14 Egg Cups1 Tea Pot2 Cafetieres1 Measuring Jug1 Water Jug4 Plastic Plates4 Plastic Bowls4 Plastic Cups
2 Serving Bowls4 Rectangular Dishes1 Baking Tray1 Casserole Dish & Lid1 Large Pan & Lid
1 Ironing Board1 Iron1 Mop1 Bucket1 Brush1 Dustpan & Brush

Items and Equipment

Coffee ContainerTea ContainerSugar Container4 Chopping Boards18 Cork MatsTrayMetal Rack
Washing Machine
Gas Cooker
Fridge / Freezer
Kitchen BinBox for Recycling